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Products > LS1/2/6 & 7 Custom made engine Parts. We've started manufacturing bespoke LS7 throttle bodies which incorporate the features you specify. These will be produced to order and our target price is 4'000 a set.

New - Compact High Flow Water Pump Replacement

We produced this truly versatile high flow unit so you could save weight, space and dramatically increase water flow. Our ports are slightly bigger then the GM pump so you could port match the block to the gasket size for bigger gains in flow. This very compact unit is only 5" deep (can be even less) and is ideal for retrofit engine installations (especially mid engine) with/without PAS, check first! The front of the engine can be made much simpler. It features larger diameter internal passages with smoother radii. You would choose your own thermostat housing to suit your radiator position and use a modern ultra high performance in-line electric water pump such as this item from Davies, Craig. The inlet/outlets on our pump are 40mm & 45mm (or less if required).

PRICE £380.

Retrofit Engine Mounting Brackets

We produced these in heat treated aluminium (like those used on the Corvette) to save some weight and allow some additional Fore/Aft positioning of the engine. Simply drill holes, bolt on to your engine, install engine in chassis and position it where it needs to be, then drill your own chassis mount bolt holes in our brackets. Be careful!

PRICE: £75 per pair.

Lsx High flow Turbo headers - for all Ls engines - Ultima etc.

These high flowing "block huggers" are specifically designed for diy retrofit installations and are suited to vehicles such as the Ultima or any other high powered car with a confined engine bay. We manufacture any turbo location angle from side to forward facing units and will make adaptors to relocate the turbo's if required. Header turbo flanges are T28 to any T3 frame size or bigger ie GT37 etc. We produce it to order. You pick the angle and we cut the header/turbo flange to suit or you can cut it yourself when doing your engine installation. We/you can also tilt the turbo flange up or down. We have versions which accept Tial remote wastegates mounted above or below the manifold. You can't get a more versatile header anywhere if doing diy! If not in stock these take appx 4 weeks to manufacture.

PRICE: From £550

GM Corvette (will fit ls1, ls2, ls6 & ls7 ) 'Blockhuggers'.

These are genuine GM Corvette, 4 into 1 double walled hydroformed headers made from mild steel and stainless steel in the final section which are very compact and ideal for tight installations. The dual wall/double skin allows quieter running and dramatically reduces heat in the engine bay. Keeping the heat inside the header allows the cat converters (if fitted) to heat up quickly. Great for 'one off' SVA testing in the UK. The single exit pipe (which is single wall construction) can be cut and altered to connect to an existing exhaust system. This is a far cheaper alternative to a custom exhaust system. Headers can be painted or coated if required and may need cleaning/polishing as they have been is storage for some time. They colour up nicely once they've been used a few times.

PRICE: £115 per pair.


New LS1/6/7 Ignition Trigger Wheel

Our lightened, one piece, crank ignition trigger wheel is required in order to fully use an aftermarket mappable ecu such as DTA. It's a straightforward 36-1 item unlike the inflexible GM wheel. We fit it to the crankshaft FOC on all our high performance engines. Because we mount it in the proper GM position, inside the engine block we can retain the sensitive GM pick up sensor in it's original location.  We don't want exposed, trigger parts on the front of our engines! Note that the GM crank pulley isn't locked or keyed in place so it's not a safe place to mount a trigger wheel for obvious reasons! Gm pulleys have been known to slip. You need this if you want the versatility of an aftermarket mappable ecu with full launch and traction control functions.

We also highly recommend EFILive software for mapping standard factory pcm's. This is an extremely powerful tool and 'stand alone' wiring looms can be bought for very reasonable money from the US. So, if you wish to retain the factory ecu/pcm which has knock sensor control amongst other features we can help with support from the UK EFILive agent, Richard Ingram.



Twin Plenum - Single or Twin Throttle, an LS1/2/6/7 first! Options include, dual copper chargecoolers, 8 port water injection, quad fuel rails, 16 injectors etc.

This LS1/2/6 short runner unit was tested in the US by RED where with optional carbon trumpets it outflowed a ported FAST plenum. We produce it as a bespoke item ready to fit with your choice of throttle/s fitted at any angle to suit your bonnet/hood shape. We can change the lid so you can mount a supercharger or 4 barrell carbs. Internally the plenum can be a twin plenum or single plenum design depending on if a removable central divider is fitted. It can accomodate volume reducing packers. We produce custom sheet metal, billet or carbon lids. It will handle big boost! We can install twin copper chargecoolers and or 8 port water injection at extra cost. Our ls7 plenum has slightly larger inlet ports for maximum flow. Some port matching may be required if used with stock heads. Final price depends on application and agreed specifications but less throttle/s, fuel rails etc a basic design will be:

PRICE: From £1400.

A pair of cnc'd machined flanges ready to fit LS1/2/6 shown but we have LS7/L98 flanges and plenums as well, same price.

Only we offer 'ready to fit' bolt on flanges so you can make your own custom race or turbo induction system and save on assembly costs. You could use them to fit 8 downdraughts carbs or 8 throttle body's. What about a cross-over induction or swan necks? Or even 2 remote carbon fibre plenums like the Corvette C5 race car. There is material for porting and room for nitrous, 8 port water injection or even 16 injectors with quad fuel rails.

PRICE: from £550 per pair.