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At Boost Performance we have been building Chevrolet ls engines since 2000. We probably have more experience then any other UK builder. We also build Cosworth 24v engines and Rover v8's. We try to tailor build a performance engine within your budget. We will always strip and inspect the engine parts you supply us with and have them chemically cleaned ready for a close examination. Then we establish some existing datum measurements utilising your original components before deciding a suitable course of action to modify your engine. We will initially be deciding which piston & ring package may suit your requirements as well as achieving the desired compression ratio and squish clearance.

If possible we try to use really high strength eutectic or hypereutectic pistons for road cars as they use production running clearances and don't rattle on start up or burn oil. They are very hard due to the high amounts of silicon in them and don't expand very much. For high boost engines or high revving units we only use forged pistons, 'off the shelf' if available or we can source or design 'specials' for you. We can also build a brand new engine if you don't have a donar unit.

We are used to blueprinting engines and routinely weigh the internal components before machining them to weigh the same as the lightest component or less. We usually remove a few grams from the rods and pistons to equalise the weights. The rods will be balanced 'end to end' as usually we find they are way out of balance, especially with older engines. We can weigh to tenths of a gram and can usually gain a useful reduction in reciprocating weight by switching to performance taper-wall gudgeon pins and light weight performance pistons. Depending on the pistons used we may bush the rod's little end to accept a fully floating pin arrangement. We only employ highly skilled, time served precision engineers for our machining work and are adept at bowling/dishing pistons, inserting valve cut-outs, honeing/reeming gudgeon pin bores and dealing with oil ways etc.

We will dress the rings and pistons and scrub the skirts etc. The rods can be shot-peened and sharp edges may be radiased to remove any stress risers. Uprated bolts can also be fitted. We can select after market performance rods and again will try to source the lightest items available in keeping with the intended use of the engine. We try to use parts that are readily available just in case you need a replacement at short notice. We have seen racers wait over 9 months for a single custom forged piston but not from us. We usually keep a spare/s in stock so as to look after our racers! We remove sharp edges from within the block and detail the caps. We are quite happy to build and supply short engines only.

Before final assembly everything is scrubbed and scrubbed again!

On the crankshaft front we polish the journals and clean out the oil ways. They may be cross-drilled to increase oil supply to the rod journals and they can be lightened. We can check them for straightness and cracks. Prior to the engine being assembled the crank will be dynamically balanced. We prefer to set bearing clearances to the original manufacturers specifications but can change things if you want us to. We design & cast our own adaptable custom turbo exhaust manifolds which will last a life time as well as allowing access to the spark plugs. We have developed turbo manifolds for the Rover V8, Ford Zetec 1800, ST 170, Ford Cosworth 2.9/3.1 24 valve V6 and the Chevrolet LS1-LS7, retrofit applications only.

This is a company for enthusiasts run by enthusiasts. We like to help especially if it's interesting and we take pride in working to close tolerances. We are especially familiar with Rover V8's, all Chevrolet LSx's 5.7 to 7.0, Zetec's, Cosworth 24v v6 2.9-3.1 Turbo and 3.7 high compression versions, & our own 3.1 turbo version which we developed in house.