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Corvette C5 LS1 engine. Picture for information only. We don't supply used engines but due to demand are now supplying LS7& LS2 etc crate engines with/without turnkey solutions. We can offer a bespoke, fully mapped 625 hp (appx) LS7 Ultima package with the option of an additional UK engine mapping session to release a few extra horsepower after the engines been fully run in. In effect you would get a bespoke map specific to your vehicle for just 150 plus rolling road fees. We negotiated this special rate with the EFI Live agent in the UK. We can also provide a custom built LSX engine to your requirements and chassis specs from our new parts inventory. For pricing see the LS1/6/ 7 Engine Prices page.
LS1 T56 6 Speed Gearbox

LS1 T56 6 speed gearbox. We also have these in stock most of the time, typically £1,100 - £1,500, with/without clutch, flywheel and bell housing etc.

Camaro "drop out" assembly complete. Picture for information only. We don't supply used engines. For new 'builds' pricing see the LS1/6/7 Engine Prices page.

Dodge Viper

Dodge Viper

Dodge Viper engine, We can get these to special order only. This example has completed less than 500 miles. POA.
Corvette 6 Speed Gearbox and  Trans Axle

Corvette 6 speed gearbox and trans axle to special order only. We may have 1 in stock, typically £1,000 - £1,500, enquire.
ZF 6 speed gearbox. Not so easy to find but we can supply them from £1,100.

We can also supply Mustang 4.6 32 valve quad cam aluminium engines and most other popular high performance US Iron subject to a satisfactory deposit. Enquire.